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Have you ever thought of doing business without a phone? Almost impossible ! What about being on the phone and still use both hands ??

Every single day you are aware that to hold the telephone handset to your ear while accessing the computer leaves you with no spare hand for taking notes of the conversation, page through a file, making appointments or trying to reconsile the client's account. At some stage you will have to ask the client to " Please hold on " so you can use your previously occupied hand. The other option is to try and hold the handset to your ear with your shoulder but this create a complete set of problems of its own - neck , shoulder and upper back pain.

Even if you manage to bare the pain and discomfort you still have limited movement and a good chance the client will not hear you properly or a dropped handset at some stage.

Does this scenario ring a bell ?

Save yourself and your staff all the stress and fatigue. Invest (without spending an arm and a leg) in a lightweight Mytel headset and immediately start to increase productivity and overall efficiency. Acquiring a heaset is undoutebtly the best investment any company can make for its personel spending more than 30 - 60 mins per day on the phone. Instead of getting an excuse for not making that call, your staff will now actually enjoy spending time on the phone to help clients.

Typical users of headsts are : Financial advisors, advertising agencies, security services, insurance brokers, Debtor and creditor clerks , receptionists , estate agents, call centre operators, training and sales staff , courier services, personel agencies, travel agencies, hotels and guest houses ...... the list goes on and on. Even the home user can benefit from the use of a heaset for the same reasons.

The Mytel headset range are TOP quality products that has become the headset of choice in many call centres as well as big and small companies in South Africa.

Cables & Accessories has introduced the Mytel / Freemate product range in South Africa and still offer you the same good product but for half the price. We prefer to provide the customer good value for money headsets without all the bells and whistles.

All headsets supplied with QD connector, bottom half cable and cable hanger - clip .

DH-017 / DH-021 series supplied with Foam and Leatherette ear cushions .

DH-017 TP / DH-021 TP models supplied with ONE spare CLEAR voice tube.

DH-09 , DH-011 QD connectors differ from the DH-017, DH-021 series.

Standard RJ-09 ( BLUE CABLE ) connector to fit VENUS type handset wire configuration. RED Cable for Aristel products.

DA-202 unit flash time externally selectable. (100,270,600) with 3.5 mm recording output. ( Cable optional ). Built in ringer with 3 selectable ring tones.

DA-175 and DA-475 have handset wire configuration switches, ear and mic volume controls.


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