This MP3 player is the result of a a personal challenge to use the smallest box I could. I am now testing the goldplated pcb - photos below. The main features of this unit are:

I include a few pictures of the unit. The THP PCB and pre-milled enclosure and a few small parts will be available if the response is good. The development source to implement ADPCM sound recording is available. Please note that all , except VS1002 & Li charger , ic's are the QUAD FLAT No LEAD - QFN type package , soldering is a bit tight so this should not be a beginner's first project. Updated : 29/01/2007

For more info , please contact me at Cheers

I have a few blank pcb's available.






MP3 Music Player.

This unit is called RAMP (Radio And Music Player)

Rear view of pcb with battery and camera

Front view of pcb