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Here is a pcb that will let you add mass storage to most projects. Designed to be used directly with the power of the BASCOM AVR Compiler and firmware from MCS Electronics , although it can be used with any other programming language or compiler that can be used with the AVR microcontroller.

It is based on the AVR Mega 128-L CPU from ATMEL for low power and low operating voltage. The new Mega1280 can also be used, when available.

The CF card interface makes use of an 8 bit data transfer from CPU to CF card and the FAT 16 , FAT 32 file format is implemented in the Bascom library functions.

The latest CF - Dos firmware is available from Josef . Fat 32 and Directories are now std commands with the new version of BASCOM. Only the CF-config file need to be changed since other port pins are used.

All software supplied should be for own personal testing use only.

The pcb also caters for a lot of extras so that it can be used as a standalone unit to control and interface to a range of applications or can be added to a project where any of the features of the unit is required.

Intended for ' indoor use ' conditions only.

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